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Looking to Sell your Management Rights Business?

Are you looking to sell your management rights business but you’re not sure where to start? Get on the front foot with our guide to selling your management rights business.


The sale of a management rights business is not a simple process. More often than not, the complexities of selling MR is under estimated. Occasionally a sale may transact seamlessly, but this is a rare thing, primarily because there are so many things that can go wrong.


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Top 3 Reasons Committees Choose Hynes Consulting:


Save Time 

Decisions made in a body corporate have a direct impact on people’s homes and how they live in them. Every so often people will behave in a way that is confronting and difficult to manage. Dealing with the consequences can consume considerable body corporate time. Finding a solution quickly means everyone can get on with their lives. 


Save Money

Dealing with a challenging person can quickly escalate to legal action. When emotions boil over, reason often goes out the window. Body corporate levies can be better spent elsewhere than on expensive legal fees. Finding a quick, equitable solution to an emotional issue will save a body corporate considerable money.

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Ease Tensions

Living in and working with a body corporate means dealing with some of the most emotive, strongly felt personal feelings imaginable. A dispute that seems to go on forever, endless emails, letters and meetings all accumulate to bring unnecessary stress on a body corporate run by volunteers.